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The mission of Meeting House Preschool is to:

  • Provide students with an educationally sound program in an atmosphere of warmth, friendliness, and freedom
  • Offer opportunities for exploration, experimentation, and inquiry
  • Encourage curiosity and expression of ideas
  • Accept each child as an individual, helping the child grow in accordance with his/her own needs

To accomplish our mission, MHP offers developmentally-appropriate educational programs that focus on the “whole child” in terms of his/her:

  • Social development: how the child interacts with other children and adults as well as their environment
  • Emotional development: how the child feels about him/herself and the ways the child accepts and expresses personal feelings and ideas
  • Cognitive development: the thinking skills that are needed to catalog new information, formulate ideas and solve problems
  • Physical development: the awareness and control of the physical body that the child acquires through the five senses, rest, exercise, and nutrition

Growth in these four areas occurs simultaneously; together they form the foundation for lifelong human development. It is our honor, privilege and expertise at MHP to nurture children along this exciting journey.

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